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DeMystifying Blockchain

  • 24 Apr 2019
  • 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Mesa Country Club: 660 W Fairway Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201


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DeMystifying Blockchain

Blockchain Based End of Life Solutions:  Fantasy or Reality?

Imagine efficiencies in settling an estate after one passes away.  What if you can improve the process of ensuring your clients' possessions and assets are transferred to the right people and your allocations as well as the recipients' are current on date of death?

Registering wills on a blockchain can curb mistakes, abuses, and settlement delays.  Updating inheritance decisions can happen automatically via smart contracts.  Managing a digital wallet and managing the estates' assets can be tackled more efficiently than is possible now.

click on the above image to see the full IBM copyrighted Blockchain Infographic

This discussion will give you a chance to contemplate how you may wish to re-position your approach to client services in the coming decade. In addition you may wish to begin investigating integration of some of these new tools in your quiver.

 Carolyn Sechler, CPA  Colin Cantrell

Carolyn and Colin will facilitate a lively discussion aimed at demystifying this new jargon.  They will discuss and provide a short glossary of terms for your reference.  Their practical examples of current implementations and tools you can use will set you reeling!  The result will be that you are better equipped to integrate these changes, already in motion.


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